Ramūnas Plaušinis

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Associate partner r.plausinis@taxcube.lt

Professional background

  • Deloitte (LT) (2013 – 2015), Senior Tax Consultant;
  • State Tax Inspectorate (2006 – 2013), Tax Consultant, Manager.

Experience and practice areas

Ramūnas has more than 16 years of experience in advising Lithuanian and foreign companies on various VAT, excise duty and customs related questions. Ramūnas practice areas include advisory work on all VAT aspects, ranging from evaluation of VAT aspects of various complicated business transactions, review of methodology of applicable VAT calculation to such assignments as VAT optimization projects (e.g. in financial sector) and representing Clients before the Lithuanian tax authorities during tax audits and tax investigations. Ramūnas also has customs intermediary license and is responsible for customs questions.


Banks and other financial institutions:

  • Participation in tax reviews for audit purposes carried out in leasing companies operating in Lithuania (VAT calculation applying margin scheme, etc.).
  • Consultations provided to banks, credit unions and companies of consumer loans on the following VAT aspects: right to deduct input VAT in case VAT taxable and VAT exempt activity is performed, VAT treatment of take over and sale of assets used as collateral, VAT treatment of transfer of the loan portfolio, VAT exemption application for services provided by independent group for its members and similar VAT questions.

Insurance companies:

  • Advising the largest Baltic and one of the largest global insurance companies on various VAT issues.

Energy companies:

  • Consultations provided to international oil and gas production and trading companies on application of specific provisions of the Law on VAT while importing and selling liquefied natural gas, as well as analysis of excise duty as related to these transactions;
  • Consultations provided to energy companies holding company on the possibility to deduct input VAT related to companies’ activities;
  • Participation in tax reviews for audit purposes in water and gas supply companies operating in Lithuania.

Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Preparation of the application for binding ruling regarding VAT treatment of future transaction (i.e. transfer part of business of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies) and representation of this company in relation to this request.
  • Consultations on tax treatment of advertising / entertainment expenses incurred by pharmaceutical companies;
  • Preparation of requests for explanations on specific VAT aspects of pharmaceutical activity (for example, VAT treatment of funds, returned to state budget, VAT aspects of contract manufacturing, etc.).

Manufacturing companies:

  • Preparation of various requests for binding rulings for future transactions (for example treatment of contract manufacturing for VAT purposes) and representation of Clients’ interests in relation to review of such requests;
  • Representing Lithuanian and foreign companies in tax investigations and tax audits, initiated by tax authorities: submission of various explanations and documents to Lithuanian tax authorities, defending of companies’ position.

Other companies:

  • Consultations provided on specific provisions of Law on VAT (for example, taxation of tourism services applying margin scheme, special taxation scheme of services supplied electronically and etc.).

Trading companies:

  • VAT registration of Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Transport and logistics companies:

  • Review of VAT calculation methodology in one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania, as well as preparation of inquiries submitted to tax authority on behalf of this company, consultations on other tax issues related to company activities.

Telecommunication companies:

  • Review on VAT calculation methodology in one of the largest telecommunication companies in Lithuania.