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Andrius Andrikonis

Andrius Andrikonis

Partner | Attorney at Law a.andrikonis@taxcube.lt

Representation and tax disputes

Our experts represent Clients (businesses and residents) in their relations with Lithuanian tax authorities and other regulatory authorities by:

  • Assisting our Clients with coordination of uncertain tax calculation, reporting and payment issues with Lithuanian tax authorities and other supervisory institutions;
  • Preparing of inquiries and requests for explanation to Lithuanian tax authorities;
  • Representing interests of our Clients at Lithuanian tax authorities regarding obtaining of binding rulings or entering into advance pricing arrangements (APA).

We always invest our time and effort to prevent tax disputes and reach an acceptable compromise in case of different views to the tax situation at hand. However, we are ready to help if there’s a need to provide the arguments and prove your position during tax audit or tax dispute.

Our experts:

  • Represent our Clients during various tax control procedures (e.g. tax investigation, operative tax inspection, tax audit);
  • Represent our Clients and help to prove the tax position during tax disputes, including both pre-trial and judicial tax litigation proceedings.