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Andrius Andrikonis

Andrius Andrikonis

Partner | Attorney at Law

Corporate reorganizations and restructurings

At TaxCube we bringing together experts with tax, legal and accounting expertise and experience. This allows us to advise on most sophisticated questions and deal with any and all aspects related to corporate reorganizations, company group formation and optimization of such structures.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of reorganizations, conversions, company group formations from tax perspective;
  • Developing of available options and advising Clients on most tax-efficient way of achieving business goals, where they involve corporate reorganization, conversion, company group formation or its changes (e.g. acquisition structuring and post-acquisition integration);
  • Advising on various aspects of cross-border mergers;
  • Consultations regarding holding companies and company group formation matters;
  • Obtaining of necessary written explanations, confirmations and/or binding rulings from the Lithuanian tax authorities with respect to innovative solutions and/or techniques.