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Tax consultations

We’ll help you with questions and solutions in any area of tax.

As a specialized tax consulting firm, we have strong tax experts covering each of such tax areas – our work includes advice on all kinds of direct (personal income tax, corporate income tax, real estate tax, land tax, state social insurance contributions, compulsory health insurance contributions, contributions to the guarantee fund, etc.) and indirect taxes (value added tax, excise duties, custom duties).

The types of our assistance may range from the support with ongoing tax questions, representing your interests at the Lithuanian tax authorities (e.g. preparing of requests for explanations or applications for binding rulings) to such tasks as finding innovative solutions to most complicated tax problems and getting them accepted by the Lithuanian tax authorities.

The assignment to solve your tax questions would be managed by one of our tax managers – a professional, who specializes and has significant experience in the corresponding area of tax.

M&A and transaction-related tax advisory services:

  • Assistance in structuring transactions from tax perspective;
  • Consultations on structuring of transactions of business acquisitions or disposals and tax advisory work on optimization of such structures;
  • Review and evaluation of transaction documents from tax perspective.

Tax consultations on corporate income tax (CIT) matters concerning:

  • Existence and registration of permanent establishments (PE) of foreign entities in Lithuania;
  • Recognition of income and expenses;
  • Recognition of taxable and non-taxable income;
  • Attribution of costs to tax deductible expenses, partly deductible expenses and non-deductible expenses;
  • Application of various tax incentives;
  • Avoidance of double taxation;
  • Submission of returns and reports;
  • Reviewing and evaluating of reorganizations, liquidations, business transfers and similar situations from CIT purposes.

Tax consultations on value added tax (VAT) matters related to:

  • VAT compliance;
  • Analysis of VAT aspects of establishing / changing / collapsing group structure(s);
  • Validity of application of 0% VAT rate;
  • Evaluation of the right to deduct input VAT;
  • Application of special VAT schemes;
  • Submission of returns and reports;
  • Evaluation of VAT and other aspects of various transactions (e.g., contract manufacturing, contracts regarding construction works, etc.).

Tax consultations on personal income tax (PIT) matters concerning:

  • Lithuanian tax residency for individuals;
  • Taxation of Lithuanian and foreign individuals’ income in Lithuania;
  • Recognition of taxable and non-taxable income;
  • Registration of self-employed status and taxation of income from business activities of a self-employed person;
  • Preparing and submission of returns;
  • Avoidance of double taxation, etc.

Tax consultations on state social insurance contributions’ and compulsory health insurance contributions’ matters related to:

  • Employer’s obligations on payment of state social insurance contributions and compulsory health insurance contributions;
  • Application of EU legislation and determining the jurisdiction where social insurance contributions should be paid in case of cross-border employment / self-employed activities;
  • Obligations of self-employed individuals and other individuals;
  • Submission of notifications, reports and returns;
  • Avoidance of double taxation and etc.

Tax consultations on real estate tax matters concerning:

  • Evaluation of property that is subject to real estate tax;
  • Real estate tax obligations for individuals and legal persons;
  • Calculation and payment of real estate tax;
  • Application of real estate tax incentives;
  • Submission of real estate tax returns, etc.

Tax consultations on excise and customs duties’ matters related to:

  • Evaluation of goods, which are subject to excise and/or customs duties;
  • Obligations to pay excise and customs duties;
  • Registration of customs warehouses and tax warehouses for excisable goods;
  • Cases of exemption from payment of excise and customs duties;
  • Calculation, reporting and payment of excise and customs duties, etc.