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Tax optimization projects

We provide tax optimization services.

Our Clients usually operate in highly competitive environment, where efficiency of each function, including tax, matters. By drawing upon the expertise of our professionals, we help our Clients so that all the available tax incentives and other favorable tax treatments are applied and the Clients pay the right amount of tax. Our tax optimization projects are about claiming tax refunds, in case of inefficiencies or overpayments in the past, or achieving tax savings with respect to the future.

Our services typically include (but are not limited to):

  • Identification of corporate income tax optimization possibilities for a current and past 5 years, taking into account the possibility to apply various corporate income tax incentives;
  • Identification of optimization possibilities with respect to other taxes for a current and past 5 years;
  • Obtaining of necessary written explanations, confirmations and/or binding rulings from the Lithuanian tax authorities as part of the project;
  • Full scope assistance with practical implementation of tax optimization opportunities identified.

Fee-wise, tax optimization projects can be done on a “No Win – No Fee” (pure success fee) basis.